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Local Business Listing and Marketing

Once upon a time community businesses didn’t need a presence on the World Wide Web. Today though, people no longer rely on local advertising in news print, telephone books, and other mediums. The Internet is the new “Yellow Pages” and people are finding businesses to meet their needs via smart phones they carry with them.

That’s why it’s so important for small businesses in big cities and small hamlets around the world to pay close attention to local search efforts. If you’re not competitive in the search engine results for your location and your industry then you’re missing out on important business that could be yours.

These are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy with the highly targeted Local SEO services we provide.

  • »  Increased local traffic.
  • »  Better brand awareness within your community.
  • »  Higher conversion rates from website traffic.
  • »  Local SEO strategies that address specific keywords and/or demographics.
  • »  Better search engine rankings.
  • »  Wider customer base.
  • »  More business.


The Internet has made the world at large a much smaller place over the past decade or so. Today, it’s making communities even smaller and gives even small businesses and opportunity to stand out more.

You need the right mix of technical expertise and an understanding of how search engines work in order to make sure your business ranks well in the search engine results. That’s what Matrixsol brings to the table. We help you rank well in the local search engine rankings so people in your community who are looking for the products you sell and the services you offer know where to find you.

Why is Local Optimization so Important?
People are relying on the Internet, Wi-Fi connected devices, and mobile smart phones to help them make informed decisions about local businesses and service providers.

The problem is that there may be many thousands of businesses, globally, trying to rank well in the search engines for the keywords surrounding your industry. However, within your community, there are only a few.

This means that sophisticated search programs that take into account geographic locations, will identify your business as a better choice for someone searching for the items you sell or the services you provide than a company located in Kalamazoo or Timbuktu.

Of course this is only the case if you are adequately optimized to show up in the local search results. Let us do the heavy lifting for you allowing you to focus on the things your business do best while reaping the rewards of our experience and knowledge in the highly competitive field of local search marketing.

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