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Public Relations Consultants

Public Relations

All businesses need a little public relations, or PR, help once in a while. The best time, though, to seek the services of qualified public relations experts is BEFORE there is a problem.

For most businesses, public relations managers and marketing teams are often two hands that have no idea what the other is doing at any given time. In most cases, this works well until problems arise. Can you imagine how much more powerful that combination would be working in tandem from the very beginning?

What Kind of Public Relations Team do You Need?
In the world of business, it’s all about YOUR needs as a business. We understand that public relations is an ongoing process. Businesses begin building brands and reputations from day one. Regardless of how careful you are though, the wrong work, social media post, or slip of the tongue by key personnel can land your business smack dab in the middle of a public relations nightmare.

That’s why it’s so important to have your marketing interests and your public relations interests tied together. Both hands need to know what’s going on in order to take fast, corrective action to keep things calm when they seem to be spiraling out of control or to simply sit back and nudge your marketing efforts towards progress when things are going slow.

The Matrixsol PR Solution
Our team of PR professionals offers the stability of PR specialists who understand the importance of brand preservation as well as brand building. These are just a few of the critical ways in which you can help your business meet its public relations needs now and in the future.

  • »   Research Solutions and Recommendations – because we know the PR industry so well, we’re able to offer unique insights based on knowledge, instinct, and substantiated research. We will conduct a thorough examination of your marketing efforts – including your social media presence, to determine the best way for you to make your entrance and build your brand on the World Wide Web.

  • »   Traditional PR Responsibilities – we haven’t forgotten the long-held roots of public relations and traditional media services such as press releases, press junkets, and other traditional means of marketing your business and practicing better branding.

  • »   Planning Communication – our goal is to help you develop a PR program that gains the attention of your target audience and closely links your brand with the products or service you offer in their minds.

  • »   Social Media – let us help you create a social media image and persona that transitions from Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and other emerging social platforms with content, calendars, and strategies designed to win over the crowds and position your brand well in their hearts and minds.

Stop doing things the old ways and look to the Internet as the new Wild West. It’s time to stake your claim and we can help with that.

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